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North York, ON

For people and businesses in North York, Preferred Plumbing Solutions offers a fast and professional way to have all of your plumbing needs met. Whether it’s replacing your copper pipes with pex piping to protect the health of you and your family or simply resolving a major plumbing crisis, they’re ready to handle the job.

The pex piping system is the centerpiece of the work done by North York Preferred Plumbing Solutions because it has the biggest impact on the health of its clients. Copper piping, which was used in most buildings constructed prior to 2004, carries with it significant health risks. Water that travels through the pipes picks up sedimentary copper as it travels through. This ends up being consumed by residents, which can lead to major health complications down the road. With pex piping, water traveling through the pipes doesn’t pick up any sediment because there’s no sediment for it to pick up.

Health, while obviously the biggest concern of most clients, isn’t the only one. The pex piping used by North York Preferred Plumbing Solutions is far more flexible than copper. This limits the need for the 90 degree elbows used in other plumbing systems. What that means is that more water flows through the pipes faster, resulting in better water pressure for end users. You’ll really notice the difference when you take a shower!

Although North York Preferred Plumbing Solutions works primarily with residential customers, they are also prepared to meet the needs of corporate clients. Those who rely heavily on large amounts of water will especially appreciate the efficient provided by the piping systems that PPS install.

If you need plumbing work done, whether it’s a large or a small job, give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you. We’ll even offer you a quote over the phone!

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