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Mississauga Preferred Plumbing Solutions can handle any plumbing problem big or small. Our specialty is replacing copper plumbing systems – and all of the problems associated with them – with our pex piping systems. Our systems are healthier, quieter, and more efficient than those that were used in most homes built 10+ years ago.

One of the major advantages of the pex piping system that we use is that it increases the amount of water that flows through pipes, which means that you as the end user get better water pressure. Pex pipes are far more flexible than copper alternatives. This reduces the need for 90 degree elbows, which restrict the amount of water that flows through the pipes. That means that you’ll have more water flowing through your faucets and showers than you would with copper piping.

With pex piping from Mississauga Preferred Plumbing Solutions, you also won’t have to deal with the noise that frequently occurs when faucets are turned on and off. Copper piping is rigid, which means that a shock vibration is often created when water flows through the system. Because the pex piping material is far less rigid, it is better able to absorb the shock without creating the sound that goes with it.

While these are significant by themselves, the biggest advantage of working with Mississauga Preferred Plumbing Solutions is that the pex piping system they use makes your drinking water healthier than it is with copper pipes. Water that travels through copper pipes picks up sediment, which ultimately ends up in your drinking water. Because there is no sediment with pex piping, there’s nothing for the water to pick up – and you and your loved ones need not worry about the health complications that can result from drinking such sediment over time.

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