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King, ON

King, ON Preferred Plumbing Solutions is the best plumbing company to handle your plumbing emergencies and long-term projects. Servicing both corporate and residential clients, our company uses pex piping to make drinking water healthier, eliminate noise associated with “water hammer”, and optimize your water supply.

Pex piping is more malleable than traditional copper pipes, which allows for some major advantages. One of the benefits that clients who have us replace their piping most enjoy is the optimization of their water supply. Traditional piping requires several 90 degree elbows. The resistance created by these elbows decreases the flow of water through the pipes, which means that you experience lower water pressure as the end user. With pex piping, the need for 90 degree turns is almost eliminated, which increases the flow of water through the pipes.

King, ON Preferred Plumbing Solutions’ pex piping can also eliminate the nuisance of noisy pipes. Copper pipes are extremely rigid, which means that “water hammer”, the shock vibration of water passing through pipes when faucets get turns off and on, can create a lot of noise. By contrast, pex piping absorbs the shock, which means that you don’t hear the sound.

Finally, and most importantly, the pex piping used by King, ON Preferred Plumbing Solutions eliminates the health concern of ferrous material being picked by the water that runs through your pipes. While this isn’t noticeable by any individual using the water for most common purposes, the sediment picked up by the water can cause major long-term health complications for those who consume it regularly. With pex piping, there isn’t any sediment for the water to pick up. This means that you don’t have to worry about there being any ferrous material in your water.

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