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Downsview, ON

Downsview Preferred Plumbing Solutions is prepared to help you with all of your plumbing needs. Whether you’re looking to install plumbing in a new building, resolve a plumbing issue that has arisen, replace your old pipes, or resolve a major plumbing problem quickly, we’re the ones you want to call.

Here at Downsview Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we use pex piping. That piping stops or prevents the most common problems associated with plumbing. Why would you want anything less?

The first of those issues is the health of your drinking water. Traveling through old pipes, water frequently picks up small amounts of sediment. While this is undetectable to the average person pouring himself a glass of water, over time this can lead to major health problems for those who are continually exposed to it. With pex piping, there’s no need to worry about your water picking up sediment since there’s no sediment for it to pick up.

Another issue that the piping resolves is noisy pipes. With many pipes, there’s a shock vibration that’s caused by people turning faucets on and off. The sound that results is due to the rigidity of the materials used. Because of the malleability of the material used in pex piping, this issue doesn’t arise. Instead, the materials simply absorb the shock without making a sound.

Finally, the materials used by Downsview Preferred Plumbing Solutions maximize water flow. The malleability of the material all but eliminates 90 degree elbow turns. What this means for you is that you’ll experience better water pressure, which, of course, makes for better showering, washing of dishing, and all of the other uses you have for the water in your home.

Call us today to learn more about the ways that Downsview Preferred Plumbing Solutions can help you with everything from routine maintenance to emergencies.

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