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Brampton, ON

Here in Brampton, Preferred Plumbing Solutions is here to help you deal with all of your plumbing needs. Whether you need work on your home or in a commercial property, we’re prepared to deal with a wide array of plumbing concerns whether they are maintenance related, long-term projects, or emergencies, we can handle it. Give us a call and you won’t have to worry about calling anyone else.

Among the most common concerns that we deal with are those related to healthy drinking water. Water that runs through older pipes tends to pick up a lot of sediment as it runs through them. This isn’t noticeable to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not drinking it. Consumption of even small amounts of materials like copper can turn into major health problems over the long term. There’s no reason for you and your family to live with the risks associated with older pipes.

At Brampton Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we install pex piping, a system that eliminates any concerns about picking up sediment. How can we make such a bold claim? There simply isn’t any sediment that the water can pick up.

That pex piping also eliminates the noise of “water hammer”, the term used to describe the shock vibration that water can make when moving through pipes as faucets are turned off and on. That sound occurs because of the rigidity of the pipes. With pex piping, the material is malleable enough to absorb the contact without creating the noise, thus resolving the annoying sound.

Brampton Preferred Plumbing Solutions is also prepared to handle plumbing for corporate clients, as well as those who have plumbing emergencies. If you need a plumber to deal with a problem right away, give us a call and we’ll handle it quickly and professionally.

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