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Commercial Services

Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. (P.P.S.) offers a large range of Commercial plumbing services. We have access to state of the art drain cleaning equipment to handle any blockage which may arise, whether it’s snaking a 2” commercial glass washer drain or snaking a 4” sanitary building drain. We have power flushing equipment with specifically trained personnel that specialize in these situations.

We do many commercial plumbing modifications ranging from relocating office kitchens to adding urinals in mens washrooms. We recommend installing more floor drains in food preparation facilities.

P.P.S. takes pride in our choice of commercial plumbing fixtures. For example, we supply and install pressure assisted toilets which will never block up with normal use. In fact, Pressure assisted toilets are 98% less likely to block up than standard commercial grade toilets. We have access to all commercial brand replacement parts, as well.

We replace all piping whether it’s ½”, ¾”, 1”, copper pipe, pvc system 15, XFR, or cast iron.

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