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  • sump pump replacementsSump Pump Replacements
    In the event of a power outage on a rainy day, sump pump replacements can be one of the most important plumbing repairs your house will need. A non-operational sump pump can result in a flooded Read More »
  • drain hot water tankHow to drain a hot water tank
    One of the most overlooked chores homeowners should do regularly is drain a hot water tank. Easy to pass by, your water tank accumulates mineral deposits and filth over time. By draining your hot Read More »
  • backwater valveBackwater Valve and your home
    When there’s a heavy rainfall in Toronto, there’s a great risk of basements getting overfilled and homeowners having to deal with a water backup issue. Worse, homeowners can also deal with dirty raw Read More »
  • Hot water tank heat settingHot water tank heat setting
    Living in Canada, your hot water tank heat setting and temperature can have effects on your health on a few spectrums. The Ontario building code for your hot water temperature should be set anywhere Read More »
  • toilet leaking at baseWhy is my toilet leaking at the base?
    A common problem among household bathrooms is a toilet leaking at the base. Homeowners will often ignore the issue, don’t see it as a problem and hope it goes away. Over time, water becomes foul and Read More »